Grow your real estate business your way

With our personalized brokerage services, you’ll work smarter, increase your revenue and profitability, and spend more time with the people you love.

What does independence mean to you?

You want the freedom to build your business on your terms. Yet most brokerages charge you disproportionate commission splits to represent their brand and treat you more like a commodity than a partner.

As an Agent Partner working with Professional Realty Services, you’ll get the full support and backing of one of America’s largest real estate brokerages, but with one crucial difference: You always come first.

From cutting-edge technology to Broker support that’s unparalleled in the industry to a commission structure that lets you keep the lion’s share of what you earn, we help put your dream business—and the lifestyle you desire—within reach.

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It’s not all about money

It may sound corny, but we really think of Professional Realty Services as your brokerage. And that means caring about the whole you. As a person. A parent. A traveler. A hobbyist. An adventurer. A homebody. And every other trait that makes you you. Because we think you matter.

If you care about serving others, like we do, you’re our people.

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A place to call your home


“I love the amazing family culture Professional Realty Services provides.”

– Jessie Dominguez

“Professional Realty Services has systems on par with bigger brokerages, but the responsiveness is far greater than what I’ve experienced before.”

– John Edward Jones

“What I love about Professional Realty Services is the freedom and flexibility it allows me in running my business how I see fit.”

– Tracy Bemis

“I can reach the owner or any of the broker managers any time of day. … It’s the best move I’ve ever made and the only one I’ll ever make.”

– Jesus Ornelas

What does “a brokerage built for you” look like?

The support and training to grow your business faster

Our dedicated team of Brokers and Staff is available 365 days a year to answer questions, facilitate transactions, and keep your business moving. From simple to-dos to ongoing coaching and guidance, we’re there for you when you need us.

The process to start sooner

Join Professional Realty Services without missing a beat with our fast, seamless onboarding process. We take as much off your plate as possible, so your transition is stress-free.

The technology to work smarter

Time = freedom! With our best-in-class technology and marketing platforms, you can streamline mundane tasks, elevate your clients’ experiences, close sales faster, and gain more quality time for family and friends.

The commission structure to earn more

Our philosophy is simple: You’re procuring the clients, so you should be taking home the lion’s share of your hard-earned commissions. Our compensation structure is based on what we feel is fair. You earn it, you keep it.

Become an Agent Partner with us

Ready to work smarter, increase your income, and spend more time with loved ones?