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It’s time to realize your vision for success

With over 1,000 Agent Partners serving over 150 markets, Professional Realty Services has been recognized five times by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in America and is currently one of the 50 largest real estate companies in the country (out of 106,000). But our growth hasn’t been built on aggressive sales tactics or by buying up and rebranding other teams and brokerages. Instead, we’ve built our brokerage one individual relationship at a time to bring out the best in you and your business.

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A core belief in serving others

Founder JW Webb believes real estate professionals want a Brokerage that cares enough to put them first.

From day one JW has built a brokerage that focuses on others’ needs first, offers compensation that’s fair, operates with full transparency, and provides the absolute best training, technology, and support without nickel-and-diming our agents.

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Values we live by

We are a Go-Giver organization. We serve the needs of others first. Here’s what this looks like in practice.

  1. Create situations, experiences, and benefits that bring value to other people’s lives.
  2. Give more in value than you receive in compensation. It’s not about you; it’s about the people you serve.
  3. Touch people’s lives. The positive influence you have on other people is determined by how abundantly you place their needs above your own.
  4. Be authentic. The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.
  5. Stay open to others giving to you. (This brings things full circle.)

If you love to help people as much as you love the real estate industry, you may be a great fit for our team.

To help grow our world-class operations, check out the current career openings in our markets.

Meet our Leadership Team

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JW Webb

Founder & Chief Vision Officer
WA Managing Broker (of Counsel)
Ninja Certified

A 20-year veteran of the real estate industry, JW Webb launched Professional Realty Services in June 2005, nearly a year after selling a national mortgage company he built to 76 offices in 24 states. JW’s passions for the business run deep, but a few of his passions rise to the top: maintaining a people-centric company culture, serving the needs of others first, challenging the status quo, and empowering Agent Partners to be the best versions of themselves.

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John Anderson

OR Principal Broker / WA Managing Broker
Ninja and Ninja Leadership Certified

John Anderson is no stranger to executive leadership, having served as President and CEO for $300 million companies employing more than 900 people. His decades of experience leading service and luxury goods companies gives him a unique perspective on what customers want and need. He believes listening comes first (always) when engaging with customers. He’s also driven by the pursuit of continuous improvement, making him a natural fit at Professional Realty Services.

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Ramona Bowman

Chief Financial Officer
Ninja Certified

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Nate Brown

National Sales Director
Ninja Certified

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Kim Hillman

Agent Relations Director
Ninja Certified

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Brooke Ashley

Ninja Coaching Director
WA Managing Broker
Education Committee, Ninja Certified

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Ken Sax

WA Designated Broker
VP of WA Operations
Governmental Affairs
Education Committee, Ninja Certified

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Anthony Stroud

Vancouver, WA Branch Manager
WA Managing Broker, OR Principal Broker
Education Committee, Ninja Certified

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Kent Easom

Spokane, WA Branch Manager
Contract Review & Compliance
WA Managing Broker, OR Principal Broker, ID Associate Broker

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Claire Maloney

Kennewick, WA Office Manager
Education Committee, Ninja Certified

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Bette Zerba

Idaho Designated Broker, WA Managing Broker
Education Committee, Ninja Certified

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Mark Bornstein

Bellevue, WA Branch Manager
Education Committee
WA Managing Broker

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Bill Richard

CA Broker Officer
Education Committee

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Lisa Holder

CO Employing Broker, AZ Designated Broker, Idaho Associate Broker, WA Managing Broker, VP of Commercial Operations

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If you love to help people as much as you love the real estate industry, you may be a great fit for our team.

To help grow our world-class operations, check out the current career openings in our markets.

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