Leave the old model behind with a brokerage built just for you

You have a business owner mindset, but you’ve been relying on a rigid, bloated “partner” to get things done.

Professional Realty Services is built different. Unlike traditional brokerages, everything we do is geared to making you the real estate professional you want to be—from our modern, fully customizable real estate platform to personalized marketing and business support that’s focused on your vision and no one else’s. We are here to serve you, not the other way around.

As an Agent Partner, you’ll have the support to lean into your talents, grow your independent brand, and build a smarter, more profitable business. You’ll trim the overhead fat with tools and technologies that allow you to run your business from anywhere. And you’ll be part of an empowering culture that invests in you as a person, not just an agent.

All that, plus a commission structure that’s actually fair, because we think you should keep the lion’s share of what you earn. That’s more money you can invest back into your business, put into savings, or … well, you’re the boss, so you decide.

How we give back to you


“I love the vision of the company, and we have amazing people working with us!”

– Inna Mayorov

“I couldn’t be happier being with PRS, and I’ve recommended PRS to a number of agents I’ve run into out in the field.”

– Barry Sullivan

“I love the fact that they let me do business the way I like to do business, and they allow me to keep more of my hard-earned money!”

– Liz Daugherty

Our model vs. theirs

There are plenty of things that distinguish us from other brokerages, but mostly it boils down to two words: Freedom and fairness.

Traditional brokerages

Professional Realty Services

Commission structure

Traditional brokerages

Percentage based (70/30 split typical)

Professional Realty Services

A commission structure that’s fair to you


Traditional brokerages

Required to use their brand

Professional Realty Services

Operate under ours or build your own


Traditional brokerages

Fragmented, inflexible

Professional Realty Services

Cloud-based, agile, easily customizable


Traditional brokerages

Templated, inconsistent

Professional Realty Services

Personalized, relationship based, 365 days/year

Agent autonomy

Traditional brokerages


Professional Realty Services



Traditional brokerages

Corporate-dollar driven

Professional Realty Services

Focused on bringing value to other people’s lives

See how much more you’d earn as an PRS Agent Partner here.

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