Agent Partner success stories

We asked our Agent Partners what they liked most about PRS and here’s what they had to say.

“What I love about Professional Realty Services is the freedom and flexibility it allows me in running my business how I see fit.”

– Tracy Bemis

Bearded brunette man in blue shirt smiling outside.

“Professional Realty Services has systems on par with bigger brokerages, but the responsiveness is far greater than what I’ve experienced before.”

– John Edward Jones

Brunette man in blue shirt and vest smiling inside.

“I can reach the owner or any of the broker managers any time of day. … It’s the best move I’ve ever made and the only one I’ll ever make.”

– Jesus Ornelas

Tall, bearded, brunette man in blue shirt stands with short brunette woman in black dress outside a home.

“I love the amazing family culture Professional Realty Services provides.”

– Jessie Dominguez

Red-haired man in blue jacket and dark sunglasses smiles outside on the beach.

“I couldn’t be happier being with PRS, and I’ve recommended PRS to a number of agents I’ve run into out in the field.”

– Barry Sullivan

Brunette man in blue suit smiles inside.

“The first year, we far exceeded our expectations. The second year, I was actually ranked in the top 1% of Realtors in the nation.”

– Danny Dodd

Gray-haired man smiles holding a large fish outside by a lake.

“I’ve been through two or three other brokerages since I started several years ago. They support me like no other has, and they provide the technology, understanding, and support that I’ve just not had before.”

– Dwayne K Parsons

Woman with red hair sitting in a chair inside and smiling.

“I love the vision of the company, and we have amazing people working with us!”

– Inna Mayorov

Brunette woman in blue top smiling before a brick wall.

“I love the fact that they let me do business the way I like to do business, and they allow me to keep more of my hard-earned money!”

– Liz Daugherty

Bearded man stands with blonde wife and and two adolescent boys outside by a palm tree and blue sky.

“I love the model. I love all the tools they have. Their website is phenomenal. In the back end, as far as the paperless system: if I can do it, anybody can do it.”

– Nolan Crossley

Brunette, wavy-haired woman in blue top smiling.

“I loved not only the fee structure, but what the office has to offer in terms of support.”

– Sara Morales

Blonde woman in blue coat smiles in front of a gray house.

“It is so fantastic to always be able to know that we can reach out to someone and get a well-educated, informed answer in such a short time.”

– Shannan Laudet

Woman with blonde hair smiling outside.

“It has been so exciting to open our own office with our own branding, but be under the care of a company like Professional Realty Services.”

– Stacy Price

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