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Our Agent Partners are people first, agents second

We believe you should have the freedom and autonomy to grow your real estate business on your terms, independently from the rigid and archaic systems used by most traditional brokerages.

We’re driven by a sense of fairness, transparency, and accountability. Our goal is simple—to offer real estate professionals like you:

  • Best-in-class marketing, technology, and education that actually help your business grow
  • An unparalleled Broker Support Team that truly cares about your future
  • The real estate industry’s fairest commission structure

The result? You’ll work smarter and have more time and money to spend on the things that matter most to you.

Join one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in America and start building your business your way.

What’s it like to be an Agent Partner with us?

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Keep more of what you earn

Unlike brokerages that charge disproportionately high commission fees just because it’s always been that way, we believe that you should keep the lion’s share of your hard-earned commission—no matter how big the transaction.

With a higher annual income, you’ll have the resources to:

  • Accelerate your business growth strategy
  • Improve service to your clients 
  • Invest in personal or professional development
  • Secure your family’s future
  • Fund investments, vacations, and holidays

Check out how much you can save in a year with our annual commission calculator below:

Commission Calculator

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Do more with cutting-edge technology

Get everything you need to run your entire business at home, from your office, or on the go with our powerful, open-source real estate platform. All you need is your cell phone and an Internet connection.

As an Agent Partner, you’ll have access to:

  • A variety of powerful mix-and-match tools that work seamlessly together and do exactly what you want them to do.
  • A robust CRM that streamlines your workflow, elevates the client experience, and encourages long-term client nurturing.
  • Simple, automated marketing and brand-building tools that help you drive new, repeat, and referral business.
  • A leading competitive market analysis (CMA) tool that provides endless creative opportunities for client engagement.

Earn more income with unparalleled Broker support

Our world-class Broker Support Team is available 365 days a year to answer questions, facilitate transactions, and keep your business moving. We’re trained in the Ninja Selling system, a support philosophy based on listening and relationship building instead of aggressive selling tactics.

Your support team offers:

  • Weekly coaching and business building to help you grow your career, along with free brand-building guidance to help you stand out.
  • Live face-to-face video chats with Brokers, including options to walk through documents onscreen in real time.
  • Steadfast responsiveness. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out fast. If we’re on the other line when you call, we’ll text to let you know when we’ll call back.
  • Support from people just like you. The best thing about partnering with us is the people. We love helping you, and we love doing it together!
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Gain more time to achieve your goals

With our cutting-edge technology, streamlined systems, and broker support, you’ll spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on the things that matter most. Whether your goals are personal, like traveling more, or professional, like breaking sales records, we’ll help you free up the time to do it all.

Become an Agent Partner with us

Ready to work smarter, increase your income, and spend more time with loved ones?